Biden Hilariously Tries To Punish Republican State


Joe Biden appears to be mimicking his former leader’s efforts to use sports for his own political agenda. This is in reaction to Georgia passing a very reasonable voter integrity bill. Leftists say that voter integrity is racist. And now there are calls for the MLB to pull the All-Star Game from Atlanta to punish Georgia. Even though most sports fans don’t want this far-left nonsense, President Biden is all about following through with this idea.

And then the Democrats started lying about the bill.

“The Georgia election bill is Jim Crow on steroids,” he said.

Biden has already been bashed for his lies about the bill. And Democrats have never explained how the bill resembles Jim Crow. The bill actually increases the early voting time period. It gives voter more opportunity to vote.

The main source of contention is voter ID rules for absentee voting. And anyone who claims that is “Jim Crow on steroids” is either lying through his teeth or has been lied to by someone else. President Biden has to fit into one of these categories.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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