Biden Humiliated After Cameras Catch This Bizarre Moment

Videos of President Biden seeming to be confused and dazed aren’t rare, but this example is very stunning. He is clearly not mentally healthy and has a difficult time doing the basic duties of the Presidency (including real interaction with the mainstream press).

Here’s the footage in which President Biden looks like he forgets where he is or what he is doing.

At the start, he seems to be greeting people but then attempts to just walk away. The secret service steps in and tries to bring him back to Marine One, which he is expected to be boarding. Instead of going, he looks to be talking to the agents until VP Kamala Harris walks over, talks to him, pats his shoulder, and guides him in the right direction. That’s when President Biden finally goes toward the helicopter and gets on board.

Maybe this is all nothing? Maybe it is his habit to walk the wrong way toward the wrong tarmac, something he also did during his 2020 campaign. But none of this feels normal. Even in everyday activity, President Biden just seems out of it. His walk is short, and you would think a light wind would push him over because he’s so uncoordinated (of yeah, that’s what happened when he fell over the weekend).

But we’ll never get the truth. Biden’s people are going to keep all this hidden until he can’t stand up. And the media will pretend him falling down three times on the stairs is no huge deal. The president is not well, and it’s obvious to anyone paying attention.

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