Biden In Panic Mode As Impeachment Proceedings Get Underway

A contingent of GOP lawmakers in the House have introduced three impeachment articles against President Biden this week, citing his failed handling of the southern border crisis, his attempt to prolong the federal moratorium against evictions, and his mismanaged military withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Washington Examiner has reported.

Ohio Congressman Bob Gibbs first put forward the articles this Tuesday and was later joined by Congressmen Andy Biggs (from Ariz.), Brian Babin ( from Texas), and Randy Weber (from Texas), who signed as co-sponsors to the bill.

The articles do not have a chance of going forward in the Dem-controlled House and possibly won’t attract a lot of media attention. But Gibbs says the effort is genuine and wants the resolution to at least send a warning to the White House.

“I take this very seriously. I do not think it’s haphazard. I’m not attempting to get media attention for myself,” Gibbs said to the Examiner during an interview. “He has done so much damage to this nation in under nine months, which is very scary.”

“He is not capable of being our commander in chief, and that is obvious by his actions since his first day in January,” the lawmaker said. “Maybe something like this will cause him to think twice before he does some more of this nonsense.”

“Obviously, it won’t go anywhere with Pelosi,” Gibbs said. “But it proves there are some GOP members that think Biden needs to be impeached, he must be removed from office.”

“At some point, his administration will be held accountable for their actions, and this will put them on notice,” he said.

The first article of impeachment says that President Biden “broke his constitutional oath to faithfully execute his office” by not securing the southern border and “willfully releasing many thousands of migrants who came into the U.S. illegally without a date to show in court for a hearing.”

In his second article, Gibbs says that Biden broke the separation of powers by “prolonging the eviction moratorium even after clear warnings from the United States Supreme Court” and without a “legislative directive from Congress.”

The third and final articles say that Joe Biden “did not act responsibly as Commander in Chief” in regard to his Afghanistan withdrawal.

Biden’s terrible evacuation efforts led to hundreds of Americans and thousands of friendlies getting left behind as the Taliban took over the nation. In addition, 13 United States service members lost their lives in a terror attack.

Author: Scott Dowdy