Biden Insiders Secretly “Relieved” Their Policies Aren’t Working

Biden team officials were reportedly “relieved” that the courts forced them to revive former President Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy — amid a surge of illegals and an ongoing border crisis, according to The NY Times.

President Biden made it a top priority of his new White House to repeal Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy by doing an executive order, allowing in asylum seekers for them to stay here as they await hearings about their asylum claims instead of forcing them to stay in Mexico, according to the policy. Courts, however, blocked Biden’s executive order against the Trump policy, saying it was unconstitutional.

In the next months, the amount of illegals seen at the southern border sky-rocketed and, in July, Border Protection captured about 200,000 illegals — the most since the Dept. of Homeland Security started counting when it was created in 2001.

The NY Times said on Monday that the Biden White House officials, struggling with how to stop the endless flood of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border, were in fact “relieved” after courts refused to allow the Biden White House to unilaterally remove Trump’s policy.

“Concern was already building inside the Biden team that the speed of the immigration might encourage migrants to come toward the U.S., current and previous officials” said to the outlet.

“In fact, some Biden team officials were already discussing reviving Trump’s policy in a limited fashion to prevent migration, stated the officials, who worked on the immigration policy but were not allowed to discuss publicly about Biden’s internal debates about the topic,” the NY Times said. “Then the SCOTUS order came, giving the Biden White House the political cover to use the policy in some fashion without causing ire from Democrats who hated Donald Trump’s border policies.”

The order is giving the Biden White House an “opportunity to reconsider” whether keeping the border open to asylum seekers makes any sense.

Politico said Monday, as well, that the Biden administration is considering a “Remain in Mexico lite” policy that “would require a small amount of asylum seekers to wait in Mexico for their court cases to be processed but allow them better living conditions and an attorney, according to three officials close to the discussions.”

“The administration is starting discussions with Mexico in an effort to hit a balance between obeying a federal court ruling and making good on Biden’s campaign promises,” Politico said.

Author: Blake Ambrose