Biden Insults Every Christian Parent In America

During a speech, Pres. Biden referred to the Bible while urging parents to be “supportive” of their supposedly transgender children’s “identity.”

“To every person celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility, I would like you to know that I see you — Jill, Kamala, Doug, and the rest of our administration — for who you are: a sacred image made by God and deserving of support and respect.” 

Biden appeared to be alluding to Genesis 1:27, which says that God created man in his own image. Christians have frequently pointed to this verse as the basis for human equality, although it is also the foundation for the gender binary. “Male and female he created them” is also a sentence that underpins the idea of gender binaries.

“We understand how tough it is to be the target of people who don’t notice you, don’t respect you,” Biden said. “The flood of anti-transgender state legislation targeting you and your family members is clearly unjust, for example.”

Biden was probably talking about Florida’s most recent Parental Rights in Education legislation, which prohibits kindergarten-through-third-grade classroom instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation. LGBTQ+ activist groups, as well as progressive companies like Disney, have condemned the bill.

“This administration is fighting for you against all these anti-LGBTQ bills,” Biden said. “We’re dedicated to advancing transgender equality in our military, in the classroom, on the field, at work, and in our  health care and housing systems – everywhere across the country.”

Parents were then informed that “affirming your child’s gender identity is one of the most effective things you can do to keep them safe and healthy,” according to Biden.

The White House has alerted the public to a document from the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health that “provides information for parents, guardians, teachers, and other persons who are supporting children and adolescents with gender-affirming care about what it entails and why it is important.”

The term “gender-affirming care” is a euphemism for the unpleasant nature of transgender top and bottom surgeries, which include removing a woman’s breasts, genital cutting for males, shaping a fake penis, facial feminization, or face masculinization.

The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health states, “Gender-affirming care is a kind of patient assistance that offers support.” It may include medical, surgical, mental health, and non-medical services for transgender and nonbinary people.

According to the White House, “early gender-affirming care is essential for overall well-being and health in children and adolescents, since it allows them to concentrate on social transitions and could increase their confidence while also navigating the healthcare system.” The White House contends that transgender operations, hormones, and affirmations are critical because they have been shown to “enhance beneficial outcomes in transgender and nonbinary children and adolescents.”

Author: Scott Dowdy