Biden Is Now a War Criminal In Afghanistan, See Why…

Three days after a suicide bomber murdered 13 military members and around 170 Afghanistan civilians outside the Kabul Airport in Aug., the United States military was on high alert.

It had gotten intel. showing that the terror group called ISIS-K, which allegedly claims responsibility for the large blast, was working on a second strike.

On Sunday, Aug. 29, one day before the last American flight left Afghanistan, the military launched a drone strike against a target it said was on the verge of conducting a second attack.

At the time, U.S. Central Command spokesman Navy Capt. Bill Urban put out a comment explaining that: “U.S. military forces had an unmanned drone airstrike today against a vehicle in Kabul, eliminating the imminent ISIS-K threat to the Airport.”

“We are confident we successfully took out the target. Great secondary explosions from the vehicle showed the presence of a greater amount of materials.”

But now, there are serious concerns being raised about the United States strike.

The NY Times — a liberal publication that has supported the Biden White House — conducted a review into the drone attack and found that, rather than killing terrorists, it had murdered an innocent man. The Times also reported seven children were killed in the attack. The Pentagon accepts only three civilian deaths, according to the news outlet.

The Times made the video under what it said were more than a dozen interviews with the victim’s family and footage from cameras at his business and other places. The reporters “pieced together his moves during the hours before he was hit by the drone strike.”

According to the footage, a 20-pound missile hit a car in a closely populated neighborhood in the city of Kabul and 10 people died. Among those killed were Zamarai Ahmadi, 43, along with three of his kids.

The military thought that Ahmadi was the “facilitator for the Islamic State and his car was filled with explosives.”

The Times learned he was really a long-time aid worker. Ahmadi was an electrical engineer who worked for an NGO that combats malnutrition, according to the video.

The narrator says that “what was seen as the suspicious moves of a terrorist might have only been an average day in his life. And it is possible that what he saw Ahmadi putting into his car might have been water canisters he was bringing to his family, not explosives.”

There was a water shortage in his neighborhood, the Times said.

Biden’s ineptitude during his withdrawal from Afghanistan has already stained our nation’s image and standing in the world. Deadly action against civilians, even if it happens in error, only makes things much worse.

Author: Blake Ambrose