Biden Just Gave Himself Astonishing New Power Over Your Family

A provision in Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill which was signed into law recently possibly provides the federal government a way to deactivate cars remotely, causing massive civil liberty concerns.

The new Infrastructure Investment Act requires that American car makers implement a remote “vehicle kill switch by the year 2026.”

The system is supposedly meant to fight drunk driving, outlining a way to “passively monitor the performance of a vehicle driver to accurately find if that driver could be impaired.” The bill’s text on the considerably hard to understand provision mandates that this system be “open,” suggesting that corporations and government will be given the means to incapacitate cars and even turn them off while in action.

The system possibly give the federal-corporate complex with a means to enact searches and seizures of American citizen’s cars away from the legal system, with corporations like Tesla already implementing systems meant to be used in the repossession of cars against the owner’s consent.

The system in its “passive” activation will possibly collect unprecedented amounts of data on the driving habits of Americans, in addition to possibly even audio of conversations inside the vehicle- all plausibly accessible to spies without the need for a search warrant.

Liberal oligarchs have greatly sought to make car ownership impossible for the average middle-class American, mentioning environmental worries and pushing a regressive carbon tax to force American citizens onto crowded and many times dangerous buses and into cities in the hopes of having a heavily urbanized nation.

This comes at a time when Joe Biden and Democrats are more hated than ever for a variety of reasons. Their increased demands for more control over the daily lives of Americans proves they are desperate as their poll numbers drop and people discover their true agenda of unlimited mass migration and globalization. Now it seems that Biden and the elites are growing fearful of angry patriots and want to track people’s driving habits to ensure nobody with “wrongthink” suddenly starts driving to D.C. one morning. This is undoubtedly about paranoia and control over conservatives.

Author: Steven Sinclaire