Biden Latest “Cheat Sheet” Reveals A Big Truth Democrats Want Hidden

Biden is a pathological liar. That’s not something you want in the Oval Office. However, on top of that, the White House lies to conceal Biden. This week provided a wonderful example of that when Biden inadvertently revealed a lie told by the White House about him watching Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings.

Biden said he hadn’t been able to watch any of it during a press conference this week. That’s an intriguing response, as he was in town for a large portion of the week preceding his trip to Europe last Thursday and could have witnessed much of it if he wanted to. But apparently, he couldn’t be bothered. Nonetheless, Biden appeared to be unaware that his staff had already released a statement expressing his approval of the hearings and Jackson’s performance in addressing the situation and dealing with the senators.

The president had a chance to see portions of Judge Jackson’s hearing yesterday and today, and he is pleased with how she is demonstrating her great qualifications, skills, and even-handedness. “I was moved by the graciousness and majesty she has displayed, the respect shown to senators, and the level of detail she is providing; emphasizing the worth of her experience, intellect, and character,” he said.

So there are only two options here: His dementia is so severe that he has lost his memory of what he saw and said previously, or his staff is lying through its teeth. You may pick between them, but either choice isn’t a good one. His crew must answer for this enormous lie – they invented everything they claimed he’d said about Jackson

That wasn’t the only thing he got caught in — he had a “cheat sheet” with questions and answers for his disastrous blunder when he declared Putin “cannot stay in power.”

We’ve seen him busted previously with cheat sheets, but this is far worse when he has both questions and answers and is still confused.

During the briefing, Biden also made a slew of false statements. How he can say so much that’s wrong in one meeting is astounding.

He stated that he was “eliminating inflationary pressures,” despite the fact that inflation has risen to levels not seen in 40 years.

Biden stated, “A fireman and a teacher pay more than twice as much in taxes as a billionaire. That’s not right. It’s not just.” 

It’s also not correct. A firefighter and a teacher will not have a higher rate than a billionaire. Because of deductions or other loopholes, a billionaire may end up paying less, but the rate is not lower.

Author: Steven Sinclaire