Biden Lets It Slip: America’s Economic Problems Are Worse That We Knew

President Biden’s White House admitted this week that its policies are at least somewhat to blame for the current chaos in American supply chains, according to the NY Times.

The Biden team has worked desperately in past weeks to push away mounting backlogs in United States supply chains. The White House warned this week that American consumers can expect higher prices and even possibly empty shelves at Christmas. Biden made an agreement with the Port of LA, Walmart, FedEx and other top companies to expand their hours of operation to limit stress on America’s supply lines.

While the White House has taken numerous actions to fight the supply chain problems, it did admit some amount of complicity during their media call. Top administration officials said to reporters that the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan possibly helped the supply chain tension given the increasing demand for goods, the NYT said. The officials went on to say that their rescue plan nevertheless increased the United States economic recovery beyond that of other countries.

The Port of LA is the second California port to start using 24/7 operations recently, with the Port of Long Beach also have the same schedule in Sept.

Administration officials warned the public that they could see empty shelves during the holiday season later on.

“There might be things that people cannot get,” a senior White House official said to Reuters this week. “At the same time, many of these goods can be substitutable with other things. … I don’t believe there is any real reason to panic, but we all feel frustration and there is need for patience to get past this.”

A September 29 study from Salesforce said that retail prices might rise over 20% when compared to 2020. Jewelry, Women’s clothing, and watches have already gone up 12.9% and 11.9%, respectively as of August.

Joe Biden has worked to push back against the economic woes not only by pushing major companies to work for longer hours, but also by removing travel restrictions for America’s borders with Mexico and Canada. This policy change, without a doubt, is more about using the bad economy to support his never-ending open border agenda.

Author: Scott Dowdy