Biden Loses It — Starts Making Outrageous Murder Accusations

This Wednesday, President Biden falsely said that Capitol rioters murdered Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick. Biden issued the blatant lie after being asked to comment on Putin comparing the federal prosecuting of conservative rioters to the silencing of protestors in Russia, which Biden said was “a ridiculous comparison.”

“It is one thing for criminals to break a door and rush into the Capitol, kill an officer, and be kept accountable than for people to object and march onto the Capitol saying, ‘You are not allowing us to speak.’., Biden said.

Joe has it completely wrong. First, D.C.’s Medical Examiner Francisco J. Diaz said back in April that Brian Sicknick pass away from natural causes. The media said for months that Sicknick had died from injuries he got during the riot before then updating their stories. Of course, the damage was done by then, and the myth that Sicknick died from injuries was accepted by most people.

“These are the type of things that the Stasi and the KGB would do., noted conservative reporter Rick Moran after the medical report was made public. “Now Democrats are doing this. And they are getting help from the so-called ‘free press’ that has done nothing but bowed down to their political masters to get wealth and fame.”

But, you know what’s worse than the mainstream media’s lies about Sicknick’s death? The continued perpetuation of the lie after it was shown to be wrong. Biden was absolutely briefed on the medical report, so he is deliberately lying about Sicknick’s death. One might come to the conclusion that it gives him political cover to use the government to crush Democrats’ political enemies by keeping that false narrative going. Especially the ability to justify more extreme punishments for conservatives who have the drive and the will to arrange protests.

Author: Scott Dowdy