Biden Loses The Last Supporters He Had Left

Adrienne Sophia Exum, the 19-year-old daughter of Angel Mom Rhonda Exum was killed by an illegal that is now being protected from being deported, says she regrets voting for Pres. Joe Biden.

Adrienne died in a hit-and-run crash in Harris County, Texas, in November 2020, that was caused by Heriberto Fuerte-Padilla, who is an illegal. According to police, Padilla was drunk at the time.

There was a detainer placed on Padilla by the ICE agency — asking for the Harris County officials to turn him over to their custody so that after his conviction and prison sentence he could be deported.

Because of Biden’s “sanctuary country” orders, which keeps ICE agents from being able to arrest and deport most illegal aliens and convicted criminals, the agency has ended up dropping the detainer on Padilla, which means they will not make him a priority for deportation.

“My message is, watch out for the American people first. This was my first time to vote and I voted for [Biden] and I am feeling very disappointed now,” Rhonda Exum said.

“I thought [Joe Biden] was going to be for the American people, instead of for himself,” she continued. “I hope this does not sound bad but I do not feel … [Biden] has done nothing but disappoint me.”

Exum’s cousin, Tranette Gamboa, was “shocked” when she discovered that Padilla would not be deported.

“It is extremely unfortunate … I am thinking that he was going to be punished … but, it is like they do not care,” Gamboa said. “It is not that he only hit her, but he took off running too.”

Exum said she had been told Padilla would be deported and DHS never contacted her to tell her that the ICE detainer against the man that killed her daughter had been dropped because of the sanctuary country orders.

“I wish somebody could tell me why he will not be deported because, him not being deported is like you are telling me my daughter’s life did not mean anything,” she said.

Mo Brooks (R-AL) said that probably about 2,000 Americans and legal immigrants every year are killed by illegal aliens. Recently, an illegal alien from Mexico murdered a 24-year-old woman from Alabama and received only twenty years in prison.

Author: Blake Ambrose