Biden Makes a Promise He’ll Never Be Able To Keep

President Biden promised to hunt down ISIS-K after two terror attacks outside Kabul’s airport that left dozens of U.S. service members dead, including 11 Marines and one Navy medic. Over a hundred Afghans were wounded from the suicide bombing and at least 60 are thought to be dead, though the Taliban has so far not given up-to-date numbers.

Speaking late on Thursday afternoon, Biden, who seemed visibly exhausted, said it was a “tough day” and applauded the United States military before promising to “hunt down” ISIS-K and make them pay for what they did.

“They are the bravest and most capable, the selfless and the best military on the planet, and they are part of simply what I say is the backbone of the United States,” Biden said. “They are the spine of the United States — the best the nation has to offer.”

“We will not forgive or forget,” he said. “We will hunt you down and make you pay.”

“I have also told my commanders to attack ISIS-K targets. And we will respond at our time and place that we decide,” Biden said. “These terrorists will not succeed.”

Biden said that the United States has “some reason to think” that the terrorists are a Taliban splinter group called ISIS-K, which is linked with the larger Islamic State network. The United States and coalition members had warned, over the past several days, that there were signs of a coming terror attack on the Airport, where thousands of people were being evacuated before the August 31st date.

Biden promised to continue the process, stating that the United States “will not be deterred by these terrorists. We will not allow them to stop our mission. We will continue our evacuation,” but outlets on the ground Thursday reported that some airport gates were getting “welded shut,” and the United States military was speeding up their timeline for removing forces out of the city. The Daily Wire reported that the 82nd Airborne Division was leaving ahead of schedule.

“I know of no conflict when a war was ending that one side could guarantee that everyone was able to get out of a country,” Biden said.

Author: Steven Sinclaire