Biden Makes Bizarre Comment About Prostitution And Tobacco

This week, in an effort to combat gun crime, Pres. Biden delivered a speech that was filled with typical eloquence: “Imagine if the tobacco industry had been immune to prostitute lawsuits, come on.”

Biden’s latest appearance in public speaking prompted the White House transcript to change the quote to, “Imagine if the tobacco industry had been immune from being sued. Come on.”

In his opening remarks, Biden slammed “ghost guns,” claiming that the Department of Justice was making it unlawful for a business to produce one of these kits with no serial number. But he made it clear that this was just one aspect of his desire for gun control. He stated: “This regulation is a critical step forward. “The bottom line is that it can make a difference, I guarantee you. And there are a number of other things we know will work to lower gun violence and save lives. This is why I’ve put up a comprehensive plan to expand what works while keeping Congress focused on effective legislation to curb gun violence in America.”

“We need Congress to pass comprehensive background checks,” he added. “Universal background checks are necessary. It is a tough thing to do, but I did it once: ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

Then he turned his attention to gun manufacturers, calling for them to be stripped of their immunity from liability: “Eliminate the gun industry’s immunity from responsibility. They’re the only company in the nation that is immune.” He added, “Imagine if a tobacco firm were immune to being sued over prostitutes.”

“Look, this is extremely unusual since gun producers have more immunity from legal liability than any other private sector in the country, so they’ve never had to accept responsibility for the deaths and devastation their goods cause.”

Biden has made false and misleading claims such as “Most individuals don’t know: If you go into a store and buy a gun, you undergo a background check. However, if you attend a gun show, you may purchase whatever you want without undergoing a background check,” and claimed gun manufacturers have “absolute immunity,” stated, “I support the Second Amendment. You have a right,” he responded. “However, the Second Amendment did not state that you are allowed to have any gun you choose, as big as you want. When the Second Amendment was ratified, cannons were not available to be purchased. And certain people were prohibited from buying firearms from the start. It’s nothing new; it’s just logical.”

He went after gun manufacturers again: “Look, this is only the beginning. We must repeal the liability shield of firearms with manufacturers and finally make them accountable for false advertising and a variety of other activities.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire