Biden Mentions “Naked Blackmail”… And Washington Erupts With Rumors

There’s a war happening and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky pushed for his case to the U.S. Congress for additional aid to fight it.

There is also crushing inflation that is at 40-year highs, spurred on by careless Democratic money printing and spending at home.

You may think those topics would be taking all the time away from the guy who sits in the White House. Of course, Joe Biden does not even want to accept his fault in either of these – the weakness that he revealed to Russia that could have led to their willingness to test him, and his unending spending that caused record inflation. He has even blamed the current inflation which has been increasing for several months on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

But Biden had another priority this week, and it just makes you really wonder what the hell is happening in his mind with comments like this. Biden said he has established a “new civil rights cause of action.”

“Everybody knows someone…that in a relationship, what happened was the man takes a revealing photo of his naked friend and then…blackmails…,” Biden said.

Oh, my, one of those comments you never expected a president to say.

Um, no, I do not know about you, Joe, but I don’t know anyone who is blackmailed. So, who is it that Biden is talking about here? What naked “friend” of Biden’s was caught in a weird position and then blackmailed? Or is he speaking of something personally? Or maybe his son, Hunter, who seems to be connected to all manner of weird activity that Joe might be blackmailed over?

What is he focusing on, making naked people a protected race? What the hell is he talking about? Why would this be a “new civil rights cause of action”?

Maybe Joe Biden will soon announce something that we don’t have info about yet. Are we soon to hear about worse pictures on Hunter’s laptop? The ones we already see about are bad enough. Blackmail material could be something else. And in case you believe this is idle speculation, remember that Hunter Biden said on camera, to a naked prostitute, that Russians having potential blackmail on him.

That could just be a little fact that is relevant to what is happening. How does this work into Joe Biden’s actions and his weird comments? Nobody knows.

Author: Steven Sinclaire