Biden Plagiarizes a Convicted Felon–You Won’t Believe This!

Image Source: National Insiders

2020 candidate Joe Biden just keeps ruining his chances. When he’s not creepily touching children or posting weird pictures about Obama, he is apparently stealing his stuff from others. Already he was caught plagiarizing recently. Now, even his campaign slogan was lifted: from the worse source imaginable.

Joe Biden just doesn’t have what it takes to be president. That’s just not my opinion, that seems pretty clear by now. Even before he announced his run, numerous liberal women came out to accuse Biden of inappropriate touching. Biden seems to think he dodged that crisis, but as you can expect, more came.

Biden is still a gaffe machine, saying things that just don’t make sense. His staff must be really worried about what the man will say or do—given they severely restrict the press’s access to the man. The man running for president.

But perhaps the worst thing he’s doing is stealing ideas from other people. Recently, he released his climate change proposal—an idiotic plan that would cripple our economy and add trillions to our debt. As bad as it was, did you know he stole much of it from other proposals?

Last week Biden was hit with charges of plagiarism after his campaign published “a $1.7 trillion climate change plan that appeared to copy a handful of passages from previously published documents,” Politico reported. “The incident recalled the plagiarism incident that helped drive Biden from the 1988 presidential race.” [Source: Daily Caller]

Oh… he has a history of plagiarizing others? From all the way back in 1988? I guess you can’t blame this one on your staff of millennials, huh Joe? This is all you.

Lifting ideas from other documents and claiming them as your own is pretty bad. Even for a terrible environmental proposal, that’s not great. But that’s not even the worst account of plagiarism we’ve seen from the man—this week!

Turns out, he began using a new slogan for his campaign. It’s the typical mindless, meaningless thing a Democrat would say, in a desperate attack against Donald Trump. What makes it really shocking though, is who he stole it from.

During a campaign stop in Iowa, Biden said: “I think it’s time, you know, [Trump] says, ‘let’s Make America Great Again,’ let’s make America America again.”

People immediately noticed that Biden’s remarks were an exact match for the campaign slogan that Avenatti had proposed using for his campaign before he encountered legal problems and decided not to run for office…

Avenatti responded to Biden taking his phrase in a tweet, writing: “I wish I would have thought of this. Oh, wait…” [Source: Daily Caller]

Yep, you read that right. Joe Biden stole his campaign slogan from the disgraced porn lawyer who’s now facing serious criminal charges and years in jail. A lawyer who stole money from clients and pushed lie after lie about President Trump and his family.

Geez, Joe, can’t you find someone better to steal from?

I guess Biden assumed no one would care, considering Avenatti is done for. Perhaps Biden thought nobody would even remember that Avenatti came up with that uninspired, trite phrase first. I guess Biden doesn’t know about this thing called the Internet, where nothing is forgotten.

Regardless of the reason, how could Biden think this is a good idea? I mean, his campaign is terrible from the start. He claims Trump is ruining America, but we are enjoying the best economy in decades. Our country is rebounding. The only people upset about the direction of this country are globalists who can’t outsource jobs and exploit illegal labor anymore.

The rest of us are doing pretty well. Biden doesn’t have any plan or idea that can really help us. So, he resorts to empty slogans to bamboozle stupid Democrats. But even those slogans (and ideas) have been lifted from other people.

Hmm… this might be the worst kind of gaffe for Joe yet. But worse will come. Just give it a day.

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