Biden Prioritized This Liberal Agenda In Afghanistan, And It Cost Him The Country

While Afghanistan was being toppled by Taliban terrorists, the Biden Team prioritized the LGBT agenda in their foreign policy, flying the rainbow flag over the U.S. Embassy in the country to celebrate Pride Month.

“The month of June is celebrated as (LGBTI) Pride Month,” the embassy said on Twitter in June. “The United States respects the equality and dignity of LGBTI people & supports their contributions to the world. We remain committed to their civil rights and that of other minorities, including LGBTI people.” #Pride2021 #PrideMonth

In Feb., the U.S. State Dept. issued a comment in reply to a Biden memorandum that said his admin. would make the LGBT agenda a foreign policy priority:

“Today, President Biden enacted a Presidential Memo directing all U.S. gov. departments and officials engaged abroad to ensure that diplomacy and assistance protect and promote the human rights of LGBTQI+ people around the world.”

“The struggle to stop violence and criminalization against LGBTQI+ people is a global challenge that is central to our drive to support human rights for all individuals. In the Biden-Harris White House, the U.S. will lead by our example and push for a policy to stop discrimination and violence on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.  Today’s action by the President shows the United States government’s firm support to advance this goal.”

“Under President Biden’s White House, the United States will partner with other governments and support civil advocacy to fully advance human rights for LGBTQI+ persons.”

“Our global partners can be assured that supporting human rights for all people, with no exception or caveat, is a United States foreign policy priority,” the comment ended.

This came before the country of Afghanistan was taken over by the Taliban. And after many conservatives have questioned the U.S. Military’s combat readiness given the increasing levels of liberalism in the ranks. Including anti-white CRT training increasing racial tensions along with growing support for targeting of conservatives. This has led conservatives and Republican leaders to question the motivation and ability of the military to fight a dedicated foe such as the Taliban.

Author: Steven Sinclaire