Biden Sends Shivers Down The Spines Of Everyone, Even Liberals

CNN anchor Dana Bash stated this week on “Anderson Cooper 360” that it was “jarring” to see and hear President Biden say that the upcoming midterms might possibly not be legitimate.

During his media conference, when asked if the soon to happen midterms will be legitimate, Joe Biden said, “Well, everything depends on if we can make the case to the American public that some of this is being set up to change the election.”

Bash said, “Well, especially the first part, Anderson said, what he said was–really, the entire thing, but especially the first section was the most jarring thing to hear from the president of the U.S. who is not Trump even to say, before the race, that an election is not really legitimate.”

She said, “Having said this, the crucial thing to remember is what he was attempting to say, and that is in places such as Arizona and Georgia, especially, that will decide, votes will decide not only the governor’s race, but the power balance inside the Senate, you have yet another Senate election there. The laws that were created in Georgia were such that the lawmakers — the GOP-led legislature can take the power away from the Sec. of state to decide an election.”

Bash said, “That is what he was attempting to say, but it is not exactly how Biden said it, which is why it was so shocking. The people who understand what he was attempting to say get it. But still, with this sort of language, given where the GOP is and how you have former President Trump trying to continue to push doubt and say that the election in 2020 was stolen, which is a complete lie. That is an area where I understand talking to Dems they believe the president has to be much more nuanced.”

Of course, we know the truth. The truth is Biden and the Democrats will ONLY accept the midterm elections if it goes their way. If it does not, they will use the election law narrative to say the election is invalid and reverse the will of the people.

Author: Blake Ambrose