Biden Sends Violent Criminals To Your Community — And His 1 Word Excuse Is Jaw Dropping

This Democrats are a tricky set of characters that likes to put surprises into big legislation, hoping no one sees them until it is too late.

This year, with a complicit Biden, Pelosi’s House has slipped in a pilot study to tax every American driver by their miles, in addition to a shocking per-gallon gas tax. That would force a mileage meter to track where every car goes during every mile.

Then there is the plan to tax everyone’s capital gains when they show up on your statement, even before you sell those investments and really get the profit.

Now, what is now coming out is a Biden plan to remove cash bail for violent criminals. No, seriously. Because, why would an accused murderer leave town?

The Democrats believe us “reactionaries” are missing the equity problem here. Accused violent criminals are majority poor blacks, and have to post large bails to get their freedom, while most of us don’t. See?

Joe Biden has noticed his approval is going down for some time now. So, he is going all-in to give progressive more support.

Biden is used the same mindset with hundreds of thousands of illegals who have flooded across the southern border after he took office. Just bring them into America, unmasked and unvetted. Fly them into dozens of states. We will get to them later on. Trust us. And why would these people hide anywhere?

Biden’s newest trick slithered into public attention this week thanks to his National Strategy on Gender Equity. The White House is claiming it is the first of its type, which does not make something wiser. There are usually good reasons why these plans have not been tried before. But who cares? It seems good when the liberal media pushes it.

This latest Biden idea comes during a violent crime surge that is high on the list of Americans’ top fears. 2020’s murder rate went up 21,500, with 77 percent involved guns. That is almost 60 homicides each day all year.

Joe Biden will have no realistic worries about violence for the rest of his life. He will never go anywhere ever again without a Secret Service agent with rapid-fire guns just inside their jackets.

But now some evil and crazy criminals will stay on the streets where the rest of us normal Americans want to live and work, all because of these crazy politicians with insane ideas of lenience.

Author: Scott Dowdy