Biden Sets A New All-Time Record In Treason

According to unofficial sources within U.S. Customs and Border Protection, arrest of illegalls crossing into the United States between the ports of entry on America’s southwest border had a record for arrests in April, with over 201,000 people taken into custody. Back-to-back months have been identified when Border Patrol officials detained over 200,000 migrants.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, U.S. Border Protection agents caught right over 201,000 illegals who entered the United States in April. CBP records going back to the Bill Clinton White House show that the previous monthly high was around 180,000 apprehensions.

According to CBP, the number of people detained in April was down somewhat from March, when agents captured over 221,000 individuals. The nearly 20 percent climb in migrants over last year’s almost-record levels is shown through the back-to-back months of over 422,000 people arrested during the same two months last year. During those two months in 2021, roughly 352,000 people were caught by agents.

Every day, Border Patrol agents captured around 6,900 illegal immigrants into custody during the previous two months, according to current rates of apprehensions. If these people were dispersed throughout a brand-new metropolis, it would have a population greater than that of Arlington, Texas, which is in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

According to the source, only slightly, but the Rio Grande Valley area is still the most active of the nine Border Patrol areas. Officials in the southeast area detained roughly 41,600 individuals in April. The Del Rio area stayed close behind with about 41,000 arrests. El Paso, Tucson, and Yuma were among the top five with around 30,000, 27000, and 25000 total captures respectively.

The captures of illegals along the southwest border are now expected to rise from roughly 7,000 per day today to over 18,000 per day if the Joe Biden administration follows through on its plans to phase out Title 42 later this month, according to DHS officials featured in a study obtained by Breitbart Texas.

Author: Blake Ambrose