Biden Shells Out Millions In ‘Aid’ — Guess Where It’s Going?

The Biden Administration will send more taxpayer money to Guatemala instead of solving the flood of migrants at the southern border.

While speaking at a virtual meeting this week, the Biden team announced their intention to give $310 million to Guatemala to form a ”task force” to manage mass immigration into the States. It seems that $255 million of that money will go toward unexplained “humanitarian relief,” while $55 million will give food to the population.

This comes as the Biden Administration tries to deal with the source of migration from the area.

Biden’s program has already got backlash from the GOP who say the money would be best spent finishing the wall and helping Americans instead of being sent to other nations.

Republican lawmakers have also highlighted how both Biden and Harris have not visited the southern border to see the flood of immigrants.

According to U.S. Border officials last month, over 170,000 illegals were taken into custody.

Author:Scott Dowdy

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