Biden Starts Pushing Gun Control Like Never Before

President Joe Biden is flipping the blame for the rise in crime across America while also saying it is Republicans who are lying about the defunding of America’s police depts.

During a Town Hall on CNN this week, President Biden actually said that crime is down, but then stated that gun murder and violence rates are up. He then put the focus on his history as a gun control senator during his tenure in congress while saying he is looking to remove everything from 9mm pistols all the way up to rifles.

“The idea that you need a gun that can fire 20, 50, as much as 120 shots from the weapon whether it is a 9mm pistol or a a riffle is crazy,” said Biden. “I will continue to push to eliminate these things, but I am not lucky enough to get this done in the short term.”

He continued on to say that he, along with other Democrats never asked for the defunding of police while saying that Republicans who stress the left’s support for the movement are lying. Biden even asked a very strange question that, “are there people in the GOP who believe we’re sucking the blood out of people?”

After going back to Washington, reporters on the South Lawn of the White House continued the issue of Democrats’ anti-police agenda. Biden stated they have no intention to defund them despite their past comments on the issue.

“I am the Democrat Party, so is Nancy Pelosi and so is the Majority Leader,” he said. “We will not defund the police.”

This comes at a time when Police Officers nationwide are resigning their posts thanks to local and state Democratic attempts to target their budgets for cuts and restrictions. With more than one of these officers choosing to respond to their agenda by running for public office themselves.

Democrats are obviously trying to repair the damage done by their obscene and terrible behaviour in 2020 as they opposed Donald Trump at all costs. This included riots which featured many injuries and deaths, some involving police officers struggling under budget restraints imposed by Democrats.

Author: Steven Sinclaire