Biden Starts WW3 After Bringing In ‘The Big Guns’

Is Biden planning an American attack in Syria? It wouldn’t be a surprise. Syria’s national Syrian Arab News Agency said that “a new convoy of US trucks have entered Hasaka via the border crossings with Iraq to support bases in the Hasaka countryside. Local sources say this includes 45 trucks, military vehicles and fuel tankers.

What is happening? Former President Donald Trump said last year: “The top leaders in the Pentagon…they want nothing but war so all of those companies that make the bombs and planes stay happy. But we’re getting out of these wars.” Not any longer. The drumbeat to get America back into Syria started almost immediately after Joe was elected by the establishment media.

Because of deep state interference in Donald Trump’s presidency, we never completely left Syria. Trump’s special envoy for Syria, the Never-Trumper Jim Jeffrey, bragged in November that he got around Trump’s orders to withdraw troops from Syria by lying to Trump. 

Jeffrey said: “We always played games to hide from leadership how many troops we had,” and said that “the actual amount of troops in Syria is ‘much more than’ the two hundred that Trump agreed to.”

What the pushers of war have in mind, seems to be a far greater amount of American troops than even Jeffrey’s “game” allowed for. 

There’s an agenda to be had in the already devastated nation of Syria after nearly ten years of civil war, and our moral superiors are pushing more war yet again to ensure Biden commits enough troops to ensure the globalists win.

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