Biden Struggles To Cope With His Greatest Failure

This week, Pres. Joe Biden addressed the nation about inflation once again, shifting the blame away from himself.

The president, in rejecting responsibility for inflation, said his trillions of dollars in government spending during 2021 were simply designed to assist individuals.

“I believe that our policies are beneficial. They don’t cause harm,” he responded when asked whether he accepted responsibility for the situation.

“The majority of the economists believe it will be a difficult issue to address, but it isn’t because of spending,” he argued.

The president spoke as diesel and gasoline prices in the U.S. reached all-time highs.

Biden was asked why he thought Americans are continuing to blame him for higher costs, and he responded that the Democratic party held control of all three branches of government. Biden said that inflation is “extremely complicated.”

“It’s complicated right now. There’s a war in Ukraine, and people are perplexed,” Joe Biden said about the American people.

“Most Americans, the vast majority of people, want their government to just handle their problem so they don’t have to worry about it at the dinner table,” he said.

“The average person,” Biden said, “simply does not understand why inflation is happening and attempts to show that he comprehends their concerns.” 

“I understand that you’re frustrated. I get it. I can even taste it,” he responded.

Biden blasted the “ultra MAGA” Republicans for blocking his plans, blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin, the coronavirus epidemic, and big businesses for inflation.

The president mistakenly said Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) was from Wisconsin, and that he “had a problem” after being informed about the senator’s call for him to step down.

Biden shook his head. “It’s a wonderful idea to resign,” he mocked.

He also emphasized that inflation is his “top domestic priority.” 

The president revisited his prior efforts to tackle high gas prices and inflation, including increasing oil supplies from the strategic reserves, shifting US energy production toward alternative energy sources, putting price restrictions on insulin, and giving government subsidies for more energy-efficient buildings.

On the subject of inflation, Biden stated, “I’m not going to predict how long it will last.”

Author: Scott Dowdy