Biden Takes His Refugee Lunacy To Incredible New Heights

Democrat President Biden is seeking to double the amount of refugees brought into the country despite the full-blown humanitarian and national security crisis that has resulted from his current policies at the southern border.

The State Dept. said in a media release that the White House “recommends a raise in the refugee target from 62,500 people in the Fiscal Year 2021 to 125,000 people in the Fiscal Year 2022 to deal with needs caused by humanitarian problems around the world.”

“A strong admissions program is crucial to U.S. foreign policy and our national security goals, and is a reflection of our values,” the White House said. “The U.S. has long been a top leader in the resettlement of refugees. The United States Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) demonstrates the tradition of welcoming refugees and immigrants. It is crucial, enduring, and an expression of our dedication to global humanitarian principles and our compassion and values.”

This is the same White House that told Cubans who were seeking to make a dangerous sea voyage to the United States in a drive to leave the oppressive regime, “if you go by Sea, you will not enter the U.S.”

The announcement from the White House comes as they come against a flood of hundreds of thousands of illegals pouring through the southern border thanks to Biden’s open border agenda.

The Biden admin. was hit with a new crisis as thousands of Haitian citizens illegally entered the United States through the small town of Del Rio in just several days. The situation in the area is so bad that Republican Congressman Tony Gonzalez (TX) said there were footage shortages at grocery stores.

The new problem in Del Rio comes after many months of Border Patrol reporting well over 200,000 captures of illegals on the southern border. CNN said earlier this year that the United States would make contact with a record breaking 2 million illegals, an amount greater than the total populations of Vermont, Wyoming, Alaska, — combined.

“Talking to Border Patrol agents, the worst has not happened yet; they are worried about coordination with Mexico,” Republican Congressman August Pfluger (TX) said to Fox News. “It is worse than you could believe.”

Author: Blake Ambrose