Biden Targets Conservative State For ‘Energy War’

At the order of President Biden, Deb Haaland, the Department of Interior Secretary, has stopped oil and gas leasing in the Arctic Refuge.

“The Department of the Interior stopped all activities surrounding the Coastal Plain Gas and Oil Leasing Program in the Arctic Refuge pending a complete analysis under the National Environmental Policy Act,” the Interior said in a statement.

“Under the past administration, the Bureau of Land Management started administering a gas program in the Arctic Refuge. After the Bureau created their “Coastal Gas Leasing Environmental Statement,” they had a lease on Jan. 6th 2021, and gave 10-year leases on nine plots of land covering over 430,000 acres,” the statement said. “On his first day, President Biden gave his Executive Order ordering the Interior Department to investigate gas and oil activity in the region. After doing so, the Department found defects in the underlying Record of Decision founding the leases, including the lack of consideration of a reasonable range of possible alternatives.”

After the halting of the Keystone pipeline and a stop on gas permits for federal land, the move is yet another hit against America’s energy independence by the Biden White House.

Alaska’s Senators are responding to the move.

Author: Steven Sinclaire