Biden Targets Red States With Terrifying New Policy

In comments from the White House this Thursday — said to be about “Comments on Leveling the Playing Field to Lower Costs and Guarantee that the Middle Class, Can Finally get a Break” — promptly turned nasty as Joe Biden continued his attacks on GOP-led states.

“The governors of Texas and Florida are doing all they can to undermine requirements we have put forward,” Joe Biden said continuing his attack that he first used in his speech on the Covid virus and his mismanaged Afghan airlift.

Joe Biden’s blind partisanship is, not surprisingly, based in a fantasy. GOP governors in Texas and Florida have supported measures that ban mandates for masks — which is not the same as outright banning masks, despite these lies being peddled by Biden and his Dem friends — while he is the one who is undermining life-protecting measures in these states. In what seems to be nothing more than evil political revenge, Biden is placing American lives on the line. This development is unsurprising given Democrats’ previous threats to make the lives of unvaccinated harder.

As was reported by Florida officials, the Biden White House blindsided Florida by lowering the supply of antibody treatments without giving any warning.

And in the state of Texas, Biden and his team lowered the supply for the same treatments for citizens in the state. It is clear that Joe Biden is pushing an “agenda of cruelty” against the people who he disagrees with.

Pair the Democrat withholding of antibody treatment with the CDC’s new directive for pharmacies to stop fulfilling ivermectin prescriptions — another drug doctors use to help COVID patients — and it is clear that Biden is directly targeting the lives of Americans based on the state which they live in. Contrary to what he said about Florida and Texas, it is President Joe Biden who is pushing for the “worst kind of politics.”

It might be a scary realization that the federal government genuinely seems to be funneling conservative Americans toward death. But given their years of propaganda dehumanizing Republicans and Trump supporters, is it really that surprising that they seem to want genocide?

Author: Blake Ambrose