Biden Team Accidentally Reveals They Don’t Care About Freedom

There is something pretty incredible going on in Cuba lately, as we have reported on before.

It is fair to say it is an uprising against the Communist regime, with thousands turning over police cars — and police joining with protesters. It is something that we have not seen since 1959, with the huge amount of people.

What Cubans need now is support for their desire for freedom and the world coming together saying: we will not support the government that fires on or acts violent with their people.

Republicans have issued their support for the Cuban people.

But Biden has stayed silent and issued no response, giving no support for the Cubans in their struggle for freedom against their dictators.

WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki went on tv and was interviewed by fellow liberal Medhi Hasan. Since Hasan is liberal, he doesn’t phrase the question about people fighting for freedom. It is phrased as people getting upset about covid-19 or asking for vaccines.

Hasan asked Psaki what was the U.S. government’s advice to the Cuban leaders? She gave a horrible answer.

She should have warned them against harming the people. Instead she says, “I don’t know if the government is awaiting our advice.” They’re not, but you should give it anyway, rather than behave so impotently. You should warn them against violence.

Psaki then repeated the false claim that this is only about food, medicine and the economy. Where are her words backing their call for freedom? Recognizing they are wanting the Communist dictatorship to end? She seems completely oblivious to what they are actually wanting. Her support for this is completely missing from the picture.

There are Cubans using an American flag in love of freedom, and this is the reply they receive from the spokesperson for the United States president? That is such a terribly sad reply, that she is completely refusing to accept what it is about.

When this happened in Hong Kong, President Trump stood with the freedom seekers, supporting their struggle. They put up pictures of him — and the American flag — in reply. This, on the other hand, is completely pathetic.

Author: Blake Ambrose