Biden Team Fails Disastrously Where Trump Succeeded

The United States death toll from the Covid virus in President Biden’s initial 10 months in office has now gone past the death toll which was recorded during Trump’s last 12 months, when the vaccines against the virus were not yet available.

Around 396,529 people in the U.S. have died from the virus under President Biden, before he reached 11 months in office — going past the whole United States coronavirus death toll within one year under Trump’s White House.

The nationwide covid death toll — which was at 396,442 when Joe Biden was elected — is now numbered at 792,971 as of this Wednesday, according to statistics given by the Johns Hopkins University.

On Jan. 21, 2020, the CDC confirmed the initial covid case in the U.S., in the state of Washington, after a person had came back from Wuhan, China.

Biden took office almost one year after the first United States recorded covid case, and within his first ten months as U.S. president, the nation has seen this death toll go up by more than double.

President Joe Biden — who campaigned on fighting the coronavirus — said during his Oct. 2020 debate with Donald Trump that “anyone who is responsible for this many deaths” — which at the time was about 220,000 — “should not stay as United States president.”

When asked last week if that is still the standard after more Americans have died from the Chinese virus under President Joe Biden than President Trump, White House media secretary Jen Psaki outright avoided the question.

Last month, Psaki confirmed Biden wants to run for reelection.

The NY Times has also admitted that more people in the country have died of covid-19 this year than last year — despite the availability of vaccines.

“This was supposed to be the year that vaccines got the pandemic under control. Instead, more people in the U.S. have died from coronavirus this year than died last year, before the vaccines were even available,” the NY Times said.

On Monday, Donald Trump excoriated Joe Biden’s handling of the covid pandemic, saying he should leave the White House for his failures. The former president said to reporters “Joe Biden said that he would ‘beat the virus,’ but instead, the covid virus has beaten him — and very badly.”

Author: Scott Dowdy