Biden Team Lets It Slip: Somebody Else Is Taking Over In 2024

When asked about news that Kamala Harris is not happy with her role in the White House this week, White House Media Secretary Jen Psaki might have accidentally revealed that Joe Biden does not plan to run again in 2024.

“There are some reports over the weekend that the VP is not happy,” a reporter said. “Can she expect the President’s easy endorsement if she runs in either 2024 or 2028?”

“Well, the President chose the Vice President to be his running mate because he believed she was the person he wanted to have with him to govern the nation. She is a key partner and a bold leader. And she is someone who has taken on very crucial assignments, whether it is dealing with the root causes of migration or voting rights,” Psaki said. “So she is who the President wanted. I do not have any predictions of whether she will run. But I will say there has been a lot of reports from there, and they do not reflect his opinion or our experience with the VP.”

Joe Biden has publicly showed his intention to go for reelection in the upcoming 2024 race, but Psaki, when asked if Joe Biden would support Kamala in 2024 or in 2028, did not repeat Biden’s public statement about re-election. This seems like a big omission from her, to not reassert Joe Biden’s plans to go for reelection, especially given Joe Biden confidant Chris Dodd’s recent comments to the NY Times. It is unlikely that we will ever get a good answer about this from the Biden White House until after the upcoming midterms, but, the evidence seems to be revealing that President Biden will not go for reelection in 2024. Another conservative reporter Rick Moran said that Joe Biden is now governing as though he won’t seek reelection, and I agree with this idea.

If Joe Biden does now seek reelection, Kamala Harris, who possibly hoped that Biden would be a placeholder president and then resign during his first term (and allow her to ascend to the presidency via succession) but it seems as though he will make her run another campaign.

Author: Blake Ambrose