Biden Team Puts A Bulls-eye On White Men’s Backs

Karine Jean-Pierre, the new media secretary for President Joe Biden, has a long history of calling attention to America’s so-called racism in her politics and activism.

“I believe America has a significant issue with race,” she told PBS host Bonnie Erbé in 2019. “And it’s very real, and we’ve yet to handle it.”

After the election of Donald Trump in 2016, Jean-Pierre published her autobiography and discussed the difficulties of racism in America during a book tour.

“I always say that if you are not white, male, straight, or wealthy, you are under attack. You have a target on your back.”

After working for Joe Biden, Jean-Pierre embraced the more active side of politics by joining

She has worked for notorious politicians such as Rep. Anthony Weiner and Sen. John Edward  as well as prominent Democrat figures like President Barack Obama. Jean-Pierre was born in NY City and raised in the Haitian community there, before moving to the Washington, DC, area with CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux to live together in a domestic partnership.

She said she still faces racism, despite working within America’s most liberal places.

“It’s every day for me,” she added when Erbé asked her about racial prejudice in the United States. “It’s as easy as going into a store and being looked at by others and wondering if you belong there.”

“It happens every day,” she said.

She said she didn’t want to lay the blame for racism on President Trump, acknowledging that it had long been a problem in the country. She added that Americans appeared to be more at ease with being openly racist.

“He has done something that is so brazen, people are just blatant about it in a way we’ve never seen before,” she continued.

She also criticized Republicans who are running for office after Trump, claiming that they were unabashedly bigoted.

“We saw some candidates in this past election, who were proud to be white supremacists, white nationalists, and talked about purging and the need for white power, and a white America.”

“This is what we heard from a few of the candidates in the GOP.”

She said the GOP denounced those candidates who wanted to stop mass immigration from causing a white minority but also said it was Trump who made those people comfortable enough to speak.

“They were all over the country, and we had never seen it before or had not seen it in a long time,” she added.

Author: Scott Dowdy