Biden Teams Up With Big Tech To Bring Down Trump

The Biden Administration is supporting the decision by the tech giant Facebook to permanently block President Trump from its platform.

“Our Board has upheld the decision to restrict then-President Trump’s access to publishing content on his Facebook page. However, it was not agreeable for Facebook to enact the indefinite suspension. The company’s normal penalties include removing the content in violation, imposing a time-specific suspension, or permanently removing the account and page.”

“The Board insists that the company review this issue to decide a correct response that is in line with the guidelines that are applied to other users. Facebook must finish this review within six months,” the Facebook oversight board said in its decision. “The Board also recommends Facebook create clear and proportionate policies that encourage respect and public safety.”

During a briefing this week, Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated she would not comment on the former president’s circumstance but then had something to say on the “broad” topic of misinformation.

Democrats are agreeing with and are officially pushing for censorship.

Meanwhile, the GOP is slamming the move and pushing for a breakup of big tech companies.

Author: Blake Ambrose