Biden Thinks He’s Smarter Than ‘Normal’ Americans

President Biden this week suggested once again that Americans don’t understand how the international supply chain works.

Biden’s remarks came during his speech about his incoming agenda and the Democrats’ bipartisan infrastructure deal, which he wants to sign into law next week.

“You hear about the supply chains, but frankly, not many people have a good understanding, whether they have a doctorate degree or they didn’t go to school, about how the supply chain works,” Joe Biden said.

Then Biden put into “simple words” how supply chains operate. “In simple words, supply chains are just the journey that one product takes to get to your door,” he stated.

Biden insisted “it is easily understandable” why Americans might not comprehend how “very complex” supply chains are. “As long as materials and goods are getting where they have to go on time, there is usually no need to worry about our supply chain,” Biden stated.

This is not the first time Joe Biden seemed to question Americans’ mental abilities when it came to the topic. While talking the country’s ongoing supply chain problems on Saturday, Biden wanted to know whether Americans would even “understand” what he was speaking about.

“If we were having lunch together and I said, ‘Let’s ask the person at the next table, no matter which restaurant we are at, have them explain how the supply chain works.’ Do you believe they know what we are talking about?” Biden said during the speech.

“They are smart people,” the president continued, but he ended by saying the current problem was a part of a very “complicated world.” Biden also said recently that he has now yet seen one journalist outline “very well” how the supply chains work.

Joe Biden’s obvious insult to Americans is ironic given his constant mental gaffes, including his embarrassing random whispering, which has still not been explained by staff members.

This comes at a time when Biden’s approval rating has shot down to record low numbers given his terrible performance as president. Americans are angered by inflation and a host of other problems happening in the country, yet all Biden can do is insult them.

Author: Blake Ambrose