Biden To Declare ‘White Supremacy’ As National Security Threat

Representative Jackie Speier has sent a message to President Biden pushing him to enact an executive order pinpointing “white supremacy” as a national security threat.

Speier, who is the current chair of the House Armed Services Military Personnel subcommittee, also urged federal agencies to filter incoming recruits and those seeking security clearances for connections to extremism on social media.

In her message, Speier expressed “alarm” at the growing threat and said the government and DOD are not effectively filtering servicemen.

“Social media websites…are frequently used by terrorist groups to recruit and plan attacks… but social media is not taken into account during the review process or even reviewed during the background investigation process,” she claimed in the message, which was also sent to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Avril Haines, the current Director of National Intelligence.

Previously, Biden ordered a full review of the risks of domestic terrorism. The review will be carried out by the Office of the DNI in partnership with the DHS and FBI.

Last week, the DHS warned that America could suffer a heightened threat of domestic violence for weeks from citizens angry over President Trump’s election loss and inspired by the “storming” of the Capitol.

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