Biden Tries To ‘Brainwash’ Everyone Into Forgetting His First Year As President

Senior Biden White House officials in charge of investigating the source of the covid virus are now believing that the accidental lab-leak idea is at least as credible as the idea that it came from the wild, in what CNN says is a “dramatic shift from one year ago, when Democrats downplayed the lab leak idea.”

And while the US intel. community is allegedly ‘firmly divided’ over these theories, this acknowledgement is a vindication for the Republicans who floated the likelihood of a lab-leak – including Trump, who was greatly criticized by Dems after mentioning the lab-leak theory.

And while CNN will have to change their tune, their anonymous source says that current intel. “reinforces the belief that coronavirus most likely came from animal-human contact and was not purposefully engineered,” but does not exclude the potential “that the virus was because of an accidental leak from the Chinese Wuhan Virology Institute, where coronavirus studies were being done on bats.”

This past Thursday, WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus walked back his previous comments, admitting that his organization was premature in dismissing the possibility that covid-19 came from the Wuhan Virology Institute, and urged China to give “direct details on what the situation of these labs were before and during the start of the virus outbreak.” His words are a total 180 from Feb., after a WHO had a mission to China and decided that a lab-leak was “extremely unlikely.”

“I was a technician myself, I am an immunologist, and I have worked inside the lab, and lab accidents do happen,” said Tedros.

In response, the Chinese foreign ministry said in a comment that “since the start of the epidemic, China has taken a professional, scientific, serious and responsible stance in finding the source of the virus.”

Biden ordered intel. officials to do a 90-day investigation into the source of the virus, after a former official told the NY Times there was a ‘raft’ of unexamined evidence in need of further investigation.

The change in opinion among the Biden White House comes after National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said to Fox News last month that China would come under “isolation in the intl. community” if it does not cooperate with covid-19 probes going forward. “If China refuses to keep its international obligations, we will consider our responses then,” Sullivan said to CNN.

Author: Steven Sinclaire