Biden Tries To Distract Americans From His Imploding Economy

With Independence Day coming and going, the U.S. faces increasing inflation and rising prices on many commodities. Yet if you listen to President Biden’s team, everything is fine.

The White House took to twitter recently and bragged that the average price of a Fourth of July cookout, is an entire 16 cents cheaper than 2020.

According to Biden’s people, this very minor decrease in the price of a cookout proves that “Biden’s economic plan is working.”

There is a glaring problem with this announcement: Prices on most items have increased since Biden took over.

According to the NY Post, a gallon of gasoline cost on average $3.09 last week. That is the largest average going into the July 4 weekend in seven years.

This proves just how out of touch the Biden team really is. Anyone who gets 16 cents on their barbecue food will instantly lose it on increased gas prices just to reach the grocery store.

A big factor that contributed to the increasing gas prices is a shortage of truck drivers for delivering fuel to gas stations.

Some locations fear they will run out completely over the holiday weekend. The NY Post reported prices are possibly going to continue going up through at least the end of summer.

But it’s ok, since you can purchase a pack of cheese for 1 percent cheaper than last July 4. Thanks Biden!

The Daily Wire did a great job summing up the irony of it all during their Thursday tweet sarcastically praising Biden’s 16-cent savings.

Unfortunately, other commodities are also having significant price increases.

In only one year, the price of furniture is now 8.6 percent higher, used vehicles are higher by 29.7 percent, airline tickets are 24.1 percent higher and clothing is 5.6 percent higher.

If President Biden’s ultimate goal was to protect the average American worker from paying a few cents on a half-gallon of ice cream, it is fair to say his economic policies are a success. But any honest and realistic look at the facts show they are a total failure.

Author: Scott Dowdy