Biden Uses Facebook To Cover The Ears Of Conservatives

Building Back Together is a nonprofit group with close connections to President Biden, on Wednesday asked for Facebook to investigate how its actions led to the growth of election fraud stories and led to the Jan. 6 event at the U.S. Capitol building.

In their letter, the group that was created by top Biden advisers and allies pushed Facebook to commit to a probe, which the tech giant’s own oversight board also called for recently.

Bob Bauer, the coalition’s leader for voting rights, in the message urged Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook to make “a commitment to a public review which was suggested by Facebook’s Oversight Board.”

“Unless Facebook provides an open evaluation that the Oversight Board has asked for, it will discredit the board’s reason for existing within 30 days of its request,” Bauer who worked for Biden’s presidential campaign and inside the Obama Administration, said.

The company’s oversight board, which has upheld the decision to remove former President Trump, has already asked for a “complete review of Facebook’s possible contribution to the electoral fraud narrative and the increased tensions that led to the violence in the U.S. on January 6th.”

A Facebook spokesperson said this week that the company intends to respond to the request for a review while giving its formal response on other recommendations given by the board.

The Biden Administration until now has kept mostly silent about online platforms. Building Back Together, which started in March, has mainly tried to boost Biden’s agendas such as infrastructure plans and covid recovery, but recently moved on to the so-called voting rights agenda.

Facebook permanently suspended Trump on January 7th, and sent the case to its internal oversight board. The board agreed with the suspension but said the company should not have given an indefinite suspension.

Author: Blake Ambrose