Biden Uses The Government To Bully Conservative Americans

The PC technician, who worked on Hunter Biden’s famous “laptop from hell” and then gave it to the FBI, says his recent unemployment claims were stopped until he sent in a letter to Democrat Senator Chris Coons (DE), asking if the “state agency was being used against a perceived political enemy,” and threatened to take this story public.

John Mac Isaac told the NY Post that he sent in for unemployment in Dec. of 2020 — one month after he was forced to shut down his computer store in Delaware and move to the state of Colorado. Mac Isaac reports his cases were closed over and over, forcing him to make use of his 401k money to survive, and he was then told to stop filing new claims. The computer technician then sent a letter to Coons in Dec. 2021.

“I would hate to believe I was being singled out for a political attack. If a government agency was weaponized against a possible political enemy, the nation needs to know,” Mac Isaac said. After sending in the letter, he started to get unemployment funds, though Mac Isaac says he then got a few thousand dollars under what was owed to him.

While Mac Isaac’s communications with the government agency left him wondering if he was being victimized in “politically motivated bullying,” he also got an IRS invoice in 2021 that he said was “fishy.”

Breitbart News reported:

“Moreover, Mac Isaac said to the Post that he got an IRS invoice about his tax return from the year 2016, which he saw as a threat. When he shared this with an accountant friend, this friend said the agency does not “search back that far unless they are looking for something,” Mac Isaac said. He swiftly gave the money, a sum of almost $60, the Post says. He spoke about seeing the liberal weaponization of the IRS over the previous decade and chose not to fight the agency.

“I seems rather fishy,” he said to the Post. “I’ve been punished before for my actions in many was both to hurt me and to set a clear example for other people who may try to blow the whistle on those in power.”

Author: Scott Dowdy