Biden Uses The Ukraine Crisis To Betray American Border Patrol Agents

President Biden’s White House is now looking to redirect American Border Patrol agents from their mission at the southern border to send them overseas “to help” people fleeing from Ukraine during Russia’s invasion, a new report says.

Even as illegals keep pouring in through the country’s southern border at record high levels, Joe Biden hopes to push Border Patrol agents to voluntarily help people leaving Ukraine.

John Solomon from Just The News, who exclusively got the Customs and Border Protection memo, detailed the agenda called “Operation Support Ukraine:”

“The Office of Field Operations is now looking for volunteers to help with the evacuation of American citizens, permanent residents, and their family members from the nation of Ukraine,” the memo sent to field operation leaders said.

“Eligible employees who volunteer for this could be selected to serve temporary assignment in Poland to help travelers coming into the United States, to include giving guidance to other government groups.”

“The memo stated that volunteers must be ready to deploy “within 2-3 days” of their selection and should intend on a month’s work overseas. It also gave a plan for COVID-19 mitigation that workers must have natural immunity or the vaccine.”

Last month, Border Patrol agents caught almost 154,000 illegal border crossers. around 2.1 million border crossers and illegals are now expected to reach the southern border this year.

Since Oct., according to Fox News, around 220,000 border crossers crossed into the United States through the southern border, being undetected by Border Patrol agents.

In Jan, alone, the Biden White House allowed over 62,500 illegals to come into the country. Border Patrol agents slammed Biden’s policies, which they say made illegal immigration next to unmanageable.

This comes at a time when more and more conservatives are seeing mass immigration as the primary agenda of the Democrat and RINO party. The understand that open borders have been forced onto every white nation in the world, and only white nations. While some claim this is about economics, one only has to look as Asia to see economics has nothing to do with it.

Author: Steven Sinclaire