Biden Weasels His Way Into Power At The Vatican

The leader of the Vatican’s doctrine office is warning American bishops to discuss carefully and limit divisions before continuing with a possible plan to criticize Catholic politicians like President Biden for getting Communion even though they are abortion supporters.

The strong warning came in the form of a written message from Cardinal Luis Ladaria, who is a part of the Vatican’s Congregation. The letter was sent to Archbishop José Gomez of L.A., who is the president of the Conference of Bishops. The Conference will meet on June 16, with the intention of voting on the Communion question.

There is a break among the bishops, with some arguing in Biden’s favor and others wanting people who support abortion to be excluded from Communion.

Ladaria, in his letter, claimed any new measure “requires dialogue in two stages: first among the bishops, and then between Catholic pro-choice politicians and the bishops.”

But even after this, Ladaria recommended the bishops seek unanimous backing within their group for any nationwide policy, lest it start “a source of division rather than unity.”

Ladaria made many other points that might complicate the bishops’ plans:

— He said any position should not be limited to Catholic politicians but used for all churchgoing Catholics.

— He questioned the bishop’s labeling abortion as “the preeminent” moral issue, saying this gives the impression that abortion is the only moral matter of Catholic importance.

— He said that American bishops should speak to bishops’ conferences in other nations to “learn from them and preserve unity.”

— He said the new policy, if passed, would not override the ability of individual bishops to choose who can receive Communion.

Ladaria’s letter was dated for May 7. It was initially reported this week by the Catholic News Service.

Author: Steven Sinclaire