Biden White House Caught Sending Resources To The Taliban

The Biden White House has announced a fresh $308 million payoff to the Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan as part of what they say is a foreign aid scheme.

National Security Council spokesperson Emily Horne gave a comment announcing the new bribe would happen.

“The U.S. is announcing a new contribution of over $308 million in humanitarian aid to people of Afghanistan. This brings U.S. humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and for refugees from the area to almost $782 million since Oct. 2021, and we are still the single largest donor of aid in Afghanistan. Plus, the United States is giving the people of Afghanistan one million new COVID-19 vaccine doses through COVAX, bringing the total to 4.3 million doses,” Horne said in his comment.

“The new humanitarian aid by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) will directly go through independent humanitarian groups and give lifesaving shelter and protections, essential health care, winterization help, emergency water, food and sanitation, and hygiene services in reply to the growing humanitarian needs caused by COVID-19, drought and the winter season,” she said.

“The U.S. is committed to supporting the Afghan people and we keep considering all options available to us,” Horne said.

We have reported on how dangerous Afghanis were brought into the country from the foreign battlefield after the war effort failed:

“The Biden White House and the anti-white mass migration agenda are working hard to bring in tens of thousands of Afghanis to the country.”

“The Biden White House has reported as of July 15th around 20,000 Afghans had applied for the special immigration visa (SIV), not including their family. Including family, the Biden White House thinks this could include as much as 100,000 people who will be brought into the country”

“The refugee resettlement industry, which should possibly be said to be the migrant trafficking industry, is loving the chance to soak up more money to bring in more people from the third-world that will further hurt America’s demographic collapse.”

“To date, there is just no certain plan as to how most of our allies will be made safe,” Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, from the Lutheran Refugee Service resettlement agency, said about Afghani supporters.”

“We cannot in good conscience place them at risk in other countries with bad human-rights records, or where the Taliban could reach them,” she added.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire