Biden White House Changes Its Mind About Covid-19

This weekend’s bombshell admission by Biden’s CDC Director Rochelle Walensky that there are different death totals for people that died with coronavirus vs. the people that died due to COVID. For almost two years, anybody who suggested this was said to be a conspiracy theorist who wished to downplay the covid pandemic. Now, because it is convenient for Biden, things are suddenly changing to include more nuance.

With this in mind, Walensky made another huge admission, finally mentioning data about coronavirus and comorbidities causing far greater risk. Yet, past urgings for individuals to focus on personal health got scathing rebukes from the insider group.

To be sure, that fact is nothing new. We have known for a very long time that comorbidities are a crucial factor in judging a person’s risk from coronavirus, with a combination of being immunocompromised because of advanced age and obesity among the top problems. Yet, here, Walensky is not simply saying that one comorbidity is the problem. She is saying that 75% of deaths happened in people with at least four comorbidities, mentioning a study of vaccinated people.

While some people have pointed this out since 2020, we were attacked as evil and wanting to kill grandmas. Yet, downplaying the deaths of elderly was never the point we were making. Instead, it was to stated that we should deal with mitigation based on the fundamental risks to some demographics. For example, there was never a reason for healthy, non-obese 18-50 year-olds to be shutdown or put out of work. Also, because of the greatly lowered risk profile of this demographic, there was also never a reason to keep vaccinations. Walensky’s admission also put the last nail in the coffin on the idea that children must be vaccinated, a demographic that faces no risk at all.

In short, protecting the sick and old with vaccines and isolation while allowing everyone else to live their lives was always the top strategy after it became certain that we could not control the spread of the covid virus, a reality that was very obvious by mid-2020.

Author: Steven Sinclaire