Biden White House Tries To Hide “Dominion Voting Systems” News

The Biden White House does not want a judge to put out a report on the Dominion Election Systems equipment within Georgia, saying that doing this could “threaten election security,” as reported by Just The News.

The new report was given by the Dir. of the Center for Computer Security and Society at Michigan University, J. Alex Halderman who was previously mentioned in footage by the NY Times back in 2018 when he proved to some of his students how easy it was to rig an election machine.

In the 2018 footage, Halderman showed how voting machines were “dangerous” and “obsolete” by having a mock election with students. Halderman had before spoke to Congress, warning them about digital voting being “vulnerable to sabotage” and “cyberattacks that might change votes.”

“I am here to inform you that electronic voting does not solve the issue of voting integrity, they changed into a terrible idea,” Halderman said in the footage. “That’s because they can be hacked, all too easily.”

Officials at the U.S. Cybersecurity Agency have already seen the uncensored report, which speaks about “possible vulnerabilities inside Dominion ImageCast X equipment,” and they stated that it should not be released yet.

Halderman was criticized by both the Dominion company and the Georgia Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger, who say the election in Georgia was secured.

“Dominion supports all the efforts to bring true facts and evidence to defend the integrity of our election machines and the credibility of America’s elections,” an official from the Dominion Voting company said.

Biden’s state-certified victory in the state of Georgia was only by a margin of less than 12,000 votes.

This comes at a time when the election battlefield is heating up. With Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both seeming to be converging in a re-match in 2024. Democrats are clearly worried about their potential for winning a fair election, and now are blocking a report about possible machine tampering or vulnerabilities. This proves that they have no intention of allowing any real conservative to ever enter office again. It is the establishment vs MAGA Americans.

Author: Steven Sinclaire