Biden’s 4th Of July Message Is Almost Too Cringy To Watch

Over the past few months, Biden gave a goal to Americans, saying that we should be able to assemble in “small groups” on the 4th of July if we accomplished his vaccination goal. Basically, he was reporting that if we were “good.”

“If we all do this and do our part, by July the 4th, there is a good chance,” Biden said, “you and your family will be able to have a cookout and celebrate Independence Day. That does not mean big events, but it does mean small groups can get together.”

This was nonsense as he does not have the right to tell people not to meet with their families and we were already meeting before July 4th..

But Biden does not even listen to his own words, as it turns out.

He didn’t meet his goal of 70% by July 4th. But that did not stop him from having a huge party at the White House with around 1,000 people being there. Not much of a “small group.” Although he didn’t hit his goal, he basically said the effort was a success anyway.

Biden attacked America about the holiday saying we never lived up to our clause in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal.”

“While we have never met those words, we have never given up on doing so,” Biden said. Even on America’s July 4th holiday, Democrats can’t take one day off and recognize the greatness of this nation.

But then Biden went further and predicted our “great future” with maybe the most laughable guarantee I ever heard.

He gives his word as a Biden? What is that worth? Around 16 cents? If our future hinges upon “his word as a Biden,” we are in for trouble.

Now we could mention a lot of Biden lies that make this worth nothing. But let’s review the most recent story about how he supposedly helped his son’s business deals through the use of his VP office.

Joe is that same guy who has lied about not knowing a thing about his son’s business. Now we’ve got the photos of him actually inviting his son’s business connections into the VP residence when Joe was in the Obama White House. He also had Hunter and one of his business pals on Air Force Two.

So I am just not feeling like the “word of a Biden” means anything. Unfortunately, the liberal “policies” of a Biden are terrible, too, and Americans have every cause to be worried.

Author: Blake Ambrose