Biden’s Anti-Constitutional Speech Gets Him Nowhere Fast

Months ago, Joe Biden called on Congress to pass extreme gun control laws. Biden’s desire to restrict and discourage a major constitutional amendment is more than just unlawful. Today, millions of Americans own a firearm for their protection. Last year alone saw millions of new gun owners, thanks to worries about the pandemic and, you know, that whole Democrat-run “defund the police” thing.

Now is the time for leaders to foster intelligent, safe gun ownership. It’d be stupid not to, considering just how many Americans are now armed. But what is Biden doing? Yesterday he went on a rant attacking patriotic gun owners–and made odd, wild claims about them “taking on the government.”

Not only did he sound insane, but it showed his ugly ignorance of the 2nd Amendment.

“Well, the tree of liberty is not [watered with] the blood of patriots, what’s happened is that there never been, if you want, if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons,” Biden continued. “The point is that there’s always been the ability to limit, rationally limit, the type of weapon that can be owned, and who can own it.” [Source: Daily Wire]

I’d say this is just par for the course for this crazy old man, but it’s particularly troubling because it relates to a fundamental right. Democrats have hated gun ownership for decades. The only reason they haven’t outlawed it entirely is that it is protected by a constitutional amendment. Yet what Biden said yesterday should have everyone worried.

Not only did he insult patriots, who fought and died for this country, but he also seemed to suggest the United States government would use F-15s or nukes against its own citizens? Biden equated the 2nd Amendment with Americans “rising up” against the government. Not quite.

We all know there is much, much more to the 2nd Amendment and gun ownership than the notion that citizens would form a militia to defend themselves against a corrupt government (although that is a big part of it). Biden seems to be trying to sweep the entire Amendment under the rug over a very bad understanding of it.

But folks online weren’t duped for a second. And they came out hard on Biden.

President Joe Biden faced intense backlash online following remarks that he made during a press conference on Wednesday about how Americans who own firearms to defend against tyranny would need to own advanced military-grade technology to take on the U.S. government…

“Instead of threatening to nuke law-abiding American citizens, maybe this doddering old fool should ask himself why crime is rising so rapidly in cities w/ the most gun control?”…

“Biden is now threatening Americans who criticize the government with nuclear weapons and fighter jets. This senile old lunatic is out of his mind.”…

“Nobody has ever heard ‘guns won’t protect you from the force of the government’ and thought ‘oh well in that case I’ll give up my guns.’ They think ‘well I guess I better get a bigger gun.'” [Source: Daily Wire]

Many pointed out that Biden’s bizarre threats would only encourage gun ownership. Maybe that’s because Biden was challenging Americans? It sounded a lot like Biden was saying, “I dare you to protect yourself from me!”

Challenge accepted.

Author: Anthony Smith