Biden’s Anti-White Past Reveals His True Goals With Immigration

On his program this week, Tucker Carlson played a video of then-Vice President Biden explaining back in 2015 that he supports unlimited mass migration into the U.S. because it will alter the demographics of the nation and replace white people.

“You have to ask yourself, as you look at the historic tragedy that is Biden’s immigration policy, what is the point of this? None of this is by accident, obviously,” said Tucker as he started his monologue and after he showed an on-the-ground news segment from reporter Bill Melugin, who was documenting the flow of illegal Haitians who have set up a camp under a bridge close to Del Rio, Texas.

“It is on purpose. But why? Why would he do this to his own nation”?

“Promising the poorest humans in the world that they can get endless free services if they show up and break your laws is not only stupid. It is suicidal,” Tucker added.

Carlson then stated what most conservatives are slowing becoming aware of. That Biden and the Democrats in general are forcing mass illegal immigration into their country with the eventual goal of replacing White people.

Carlson then showed a clip of Joe Biden who explained to people, including the now-Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, why he thinks it is necessary to help mass immigration into the U.S.

“An unrelenting flow of immigration. Nonstop, nonstop. People like me who are Caucasian, who are of European descent, for the first time in 2017 we will be an absolute minority in this country. Absolute minority. Less than 50 percent of Americans from then and on will be white. That is not a bad thing. That is a source of our strength,” Joe Biden said.

That left Tucker incredulous.

“‘An unrelenting stream of immigration.’ Why? Biden said why. To alter the racial mix of the nation. That is why. To lower the political power of White people and dramatically increase the amount of Americans who come from the third world,” Carlson said.

“And then Biden continued further and stated that non-white DNA is what makes us strong. Imagine saying this. This is eugenics. It is horrifying. But there is a reason Biden said this. In political terms, this policy is called the great replacement — which means the forced removal of legacy Americans, with more people who are more obedient.”

What Tucker failed to mention is that this same agenda is playing out in Europe, Canada and Australia. All nations with majority or formerly majority white populations. And given that the end-goal is to replace or remove white people, and the international laws on genocide being so broad, that what is happening could in fact be labeled a genocidal crime.

Author: Scott Dowdy