Biden’s Approval Rating Tumbles Down Into Nothingness, Just Like His Credibility

Just 35 percent of people now approve of President Biden’s performance as the leader of the free world, according to the new CIVIQS rolling survey on approval average.

Joe Biden also got a record high (at 56 percent) disapproval in the survey, with around nine percent reporting no opinion. The poll revealed Biden with net approval of under 20. This comes as Joe Biden was in office only less than a year and has caused a host of issues so far: a supply chain problem, record-high inflation rates, and a ruined Afghanistan withdrawal.

Biden had the lowest approval in the 18- to 34-year-old age range, as 27 percent to 58 percent disapprove of him. The 65+ aged Americans awarded Biden the highest approval at around 41 to 54 percent disapproval.

The president was under with men and women. Men only had 31 percent approval with about 62 percent disapproving of Biden, while women had 39 percent approval and around 50 percent disapproval.

Looked at by race, white replies had a 28 percent approval and a 64 percent disapproval. However, Biden was around the opposite with black respondents, who showed a 63 percent approval and 20 percent disapproval.

Biden’s overall job performance is also underwater in 46 states, and this includes California — which is considered a very blue state in the national presidential elections and overwhelming supported Biden for president in 2020 — and tied with the state of Maryland with 44 percent approval and 44 percent disapproval.

Only three states approve of Joe Biden’s performance: that is Massachusetts (48 to 39 percent), then Hawaii (at 49 to 42 percent), and Vermont (at 49 to 39 percent).

The CIVIQS rolling job approval survey average had 147,731 repliers tracked between Jan. 20 and Jan. 4, just under a whole year of Joe Biden being in the White House.

The CIVIQS tracking model was created to capture the changes in attitude among various American groups over time among all 50 states and DC. These changes can both happen over time but also very rapidly as we see with Joe Biden’s approval numbers.

Author: Blake Ambrose