Biden’s Border Numbers Leak — Nationwide Chaos Ensues

Over 61,000 immigrants illegally entered the US through the border and have been released since President Biden took office, according to newly available data.

According to the Border Patrol, 61,312 illegals were allowed to come into DHS’ stations in the months between February and April.

These numbers do not include unaccompanied children who are also being resettled into communities nationwide by officials in the HHS.

Meanwhile, border agenda are reporting not “having the time” to give immigrants notices about where to go to court, said Congressman Henry Cuellar, D-Texas.

Instead, he said that agents are handing illegals papers that tell them to call a local Immigration and Customs Enforcement office after they get to their destination.

“It is an honor system. It is a release document, not a notice to show to court,” he said.

Meanwhile, ICE could not give the number of illegals it released into the country since Feb. 1, but given that fiscal 2021 started in Oct. 2020, ICE has let 20,400 illegals go, who were not given documents informing them when and where to show for court. This number is on top of the 61,000 released by Border Patrol.

Congressman Cuellar also said it is essentially impossible for the government to find immigrants who were released because people cannot be tracked if they have not checked in with ICE.

“I doubt they’ve looked at those 20,400 forms by hand to see if they have shown up or not,” said Cuellar.

Author: Blake Ambrose