Biden’s Brain Meltdowns Become Too Much For Washington, Dozens Demand He Be Tested

In a message noting that President Biden’s “mental forgetfulness and decline have become more apparent over the previous two years,” a group of Republicans is now calling for him to see whether he is mentally fit for the job.

The letter from GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson of Texas and signed by 37 of his Republican colleagues, calls upon Joe Biden, 79, to undergo a cognitive test as did former President Trump.

In Jan., Joe Biden said he had “no idea” why Americans doubted his competency after a survey was mentioned in which 48 percent of the people surveyed doubted his mental capacity, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Since then, Joe Biden has had some problems, including one event that happened this month at Ironworkers Local 5 in Maryland.

“I don’t want to get going because I would keep you here too long because you know what I am about to, what I have said, and you know what I have done, and you know what we are doing, and I understand what you are doing,” he said.

Jackson stated that Biden must take a cognitive test and share the findings with Americans.

“My colleagues and I are once again asking President Joe Biden to immediately undergo a formal mental screening exam, like the Montreal Cognitive Assessment,” Jackson stated, as reported by Fox News.

“As a former doctor to three Presidents, I understand what it takes physically and mentally to execute the role of Head of State,” said Jackson, who was the White House doctor to Bush, Obama and Trump.

“Joe Biden has continually showed me that something is not right. The American people need to have absolute confidence in their leader’s cognitive ability,” he said.

Jackson’s message said mental fitness is “not about partisanship.”

“When I talked about a cognitive test with Trump, he seemed to be eager to guarantee the American people and to fight the fake news stories,” Jackson stated, indicating that a test might be crucial to identify early stages of cognitive problems, Fox reported. “Why won’t President Joe Biden do the same?”

Author: Scott Dowdy