Biden’s Corruption Reaches Never-Before-Seen Heights

A new and usually shady Hunter deal, which he tried to do with the leaders of Libya, has been exposed in a Business Insider report. It happened while Joe, “the big guy” who got 10 percent in the deal, was VP in 2015.

The deal was to get a $2 million retainer fee without experience and without doing real work, again caused major concerns about corruption, especially given the role that Hunter’s father had at the time. This Libya deal did not succeed, but others did go through.

During his travel to China on Air Force 2 back in 2013, Hunter got millions in deals with CCP connected businesses. Now that his dad is in the White House, he still has a 10 percent stake in the Bohai Harvest Fund.

“What was not known at the time was that as he went with his father to China, Hunter was creating a Chinese equity fund that his business pals said at the time would ring in big money, including from people in China. Hunter admitted the meeting with Jonathan Li, the banker from China and his business partner on the fund during a trip, although his spokesperson said it was just a social visit,” as reported by NBC News. “The Chinese license that allowed the new fund to come into existence was given by Shanghai officials 10 days after the “social” trip, with Hunter being a member on the board.”

Also, in 2012, the wife of the Moscow mayor gave Hunter about $2.5 million as reported by a United States Senate investigation.

And of course who could forget his $50,000 a month salary from the very corrupt Ukrainian gas giant Burisma while his dad was in Washington and working to remove corruption from that country. Now, he is making “art” inside his pool house and selling them for $500,000 a pop.

It is clear that the corruption of the Biden family runs deep and far back. With this new report from Business Insider, Democrats simply cannot argue against these facts. And now, with all the power he wants, Joe and his son Hunter have free reign to push forward with all sorts of new corruption.

Author: Blake Ambrose