Biden’s Creepiness Knows No Bounds — Until Republicans Step In

GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is pushing for a prompt investigation into the NSA after Fox News’s Tucker Carlson accused the Biden administration of spying on him.

In a comment, McCarthy said Carlson’s remarks are a part of a “disturbing trend” that he is seeing at the NSA over the past several months.

“Previously this year, I sent a message to Defense Secretary Austin showing my concern over the growing politicization of the NSA through the sidelining of Michael Ellis as General Counsel of the NSA. I requested that Mr. Ellis be reinstated and showed my worries about increasing political influence in NSA putting Mr. Ellis on leave,” the Republican said.

“Also, it has come to my attention that the NSA has refused to hand over information which was requested by the GOP Members on the House Intel. Committee who are attempting to complete their oversight responsibilities.”

He then spoke of Carlson’s accusations against the NSA.

This Monday, the Fox News host revealed that a whistleblower informed his team their communications were being spied on and that the NSA is “intending to leak them in order to remove this show from the air.”

“The whistleblower repeated to us details that could have only been taken from my emails and texts. There is no other potential source for this information, period,” Tucker said. “The NSA got this information without us knowing or consenting, and did this for political reasons. The Biden White House is spying on us.”

The NSA has denied these accusations. But McCarthy still has “serious questions about this matter that must be answered.”

“Given the disturbing trend, I have asked that Devin Nunes look into and find answers for the American people,” McCarthy said. “The NSA must not be turned into a political instrument, and GOP members must ensure transparency and accountability.”

Author: Scott Dowdy